Most of us will concede that despite best efforts, there’s not always time to read. But, thanks to modern technology, we can shortcut learning something while out for a walk or on public transport.

When it comes to podcasts, all you need are some good recommends. Here are our picks for 5 podcasts on nature and the environment, produced locally or focused on Australian issues.

1. Tails of Sydney

There are plenty of cute and surprising stories about animals that live in the middle of our city, and we’re not just talking about the much-maligned ibis. Tune into our brand new podcast about all creatures great and small that call Sydney home. You’ll learn about best dog parks, meet celebrities like the Sydney Harbour seal and more.

2. Solar Insiders and Energy Insiders

You might already be familiar with Renew Economy, a great news resource on clean energy and climate policy. The site also has podcasts called Solar Insiders and Energy Insiders. You’ll find useful explainers, as well as commentary on industry developments, new products in solar, storage and more. The experts have a comprehensive view of the Australian market, but also touch on news internationally.

3. Sydney Ideas

You can hear from compelling researchers from the comfort of your home, because Sydney University’s Sydney Ideas public event program is recorded for your convenience. While it covers a raft of local topics outside of sustainability, there is a great lecture from Professor Michael Mann on climate change denial in the age of Trump, a debate on democracy and environmental sustainability, and a talk about plastic in oceans. There’s even a talk by Germaine Greer about how Europeanisation has devastated our landscape and what we can do to restore its biodiversity.

4. Off Track

Get immersed in the Australian landscape, from the sounds of plants and animals, to fascinating stories about them, thanks to Radio National. Learn about deeply monogamous lizards, or travel to the Himalayas with an Australian scientist in search of the princely snow leopard and its poo.

5. ABC’s War on Waste

The popular program also has a great podcast hosted by Craig Reucassel and Wendy Harmer on all things waste, from flushable dog poo bags to construction materials.

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