7. Bikes for humanity substitute

Millions of Africans use bikes as their main mode of transport to collect water, access medical supplies and for other basic human needs. Millions more don’t have the luxury of a bicycle.

A group of Sydney-based volunteers is helping to change this. They’ve formed an organisation called Bikes for Humanity Sydney, which is the Sydney chapter of the global Bicycles for Humanity network. The volunteer group recycle and buy bikes to provide to communities in need in Namibia.

The bikes provide local communities with improved access to health care, education, and employment. Dramatically cutting down on time spent travelling. “We know that a bicycle carries up to five times the weight and can travel four times as fast as a person walking, using much less energy,” said Reid McNamara, President of President of Bicycles for Humanity Sydney. “Research suggests that these bikes can increase a rural household’s income by 35 per cent”.

Bikes for Humanity can transport your old bike to a Namibian community, establish a sustainable bike shop, and even train local staff as bike technicians. So while it may be worthless to you, that dusty two-wheeler could have a magnificent future improving access to health care, education and empowering someone less fortunate.

For collection point details and details on what bikes are best for African conditions, or to volunteer on the day, visit the Bikes for Humanity website.

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