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Eggpicnic’s fine art prints are not only full of colour and vibrancy, but bring us the stories of critically endangered Australian fauna.
These images may look familiar. Aside from fine art prints in the home, you will find Eggpicnic’s work on buildings around Sydney – the design studio was recently selected to feature in our hoardings program.

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Eggpicnic are also passionate supporters of the Aussie Backyard Bird Count – in 2015, their print was selected as a prize for the count. They’re also set to hold an exhibition at The Tribe, 21 Foley Street, Darlinghurst from 20 October – 12 November and 20% of the sales will be donated to BirdLife Australia.

We had a quick chat to Camila De Gregorio about her practice, support for species conservation and love of birdwatching.

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Why does your studio choose to focus on endangered bird species?
Since establishing ourselves in Sydney (Camila is originally from Chile and together with her Australian partner and other half of Eggpicnic, Chris, relocated from Milan), one thing that has left me in complete awe has been the birdlife. The birds get so up close and personal here.

Eggpicnic was born from our mutual love for the natural world. Design is a powerful communication tool that needs to be used for a greater good. For this reason, we decided to create our own practice with a very clear mission to end wildlife extinction through education.

Why is this an important issue for you?
Did you know Australian birds are more crucial to the pollination and distribution of plants than anywhere else on the planet? We also have one of the highest rates of extinction in the world, and in the past few years we have witnessed a dramatic decline in bird populations.

We need to create a society to match the natural environment, because in the end, the human impact on biodiversity is an attack on ourselves. For this reason, we must undergo an urgent and deep cultural transformation around what we consider conservation and what we do about it.

Do you enjoy birdwatching yourself?
We love birding! We do it from our own backyards or in remote locations.

We need to understand firsthand what is happening to bring this information to our audience. We team together with conservation groups. We’re active members of Birding NSW and take part in key biodiversity area surveys and in the generation of conservation science data.

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What are some birdwatching tips?
You don’t need fancy equipment to get started. Start by borrowing your grandpa’s old explorer binoculars or find some in an op shop.

Use bird guides to identify species. A great app is the Michael Morcombe and David Stewart eGuide to Birds of Australia.

You can start birding in your own backyard, your local park or visit a National Park. You’d be surprised how many birds we walk past every day without even noticing.

The best time for birding is early in the morning. You get to stop for morning tea and sit with nature. Bring a flask, your favourite brew and delicious snacks. But please, don’t feed the birds!

Get started today! 23–29 October is the Aussie Backyard Bird Count. It’s one of Australia’s biggest citizen science projects and you can take part from your local park or backyard. It’s really easy to take part, all you need to do is download the app and set aside 20 minutes.

Last year, more than 1.4 million birds were counted by people like you – 61,000 people around the country. The rainbow lorikeet once again took out the top spot for most spotted.

Read Eggpicnic’s other birdwatching tips.

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