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Welcome to our City Farm hub. Keep up to date on the all dirt from City Farm, upcoming news, and volunteer opportunities here!

City Farm

We’re busily developing plans for a new City Farm which we hope will be a hub for food production and sustainable living in the heart of Sydney. The City Farm could feature demonstration gardens, space for community art projects and food outlets selling produce complimented by flourishing fruit and vegetables in an innovative farm space. Watch this space as we’ll continue to share milestones with you throughout next year as well as opportunities to have a say in activities and produce.

Sydney Park will be the primary site for the City Farm and investigations for a secondary site around the Powerhouse Museum, Ultimo are ongoing.

A city farm community day was held in Sydney Park in mid-2012 where community members gave their input for the upcoming project. Key themes from the community included:

  •     Growing fresh seasonal produce
  •     Learning programs for all ages
  •     Accessible spaces
  •     Sustainable design
  •     Community involvement

The City Farm advisory group meet regularly and provide guidance to the City on the city farm’s business plan, design and ongoing community consultation.

Summer Garden

The Farm itself will take some time to set up, but to give you a taste of what’s to come we created a Summer Garden in Sydney Park, St Peters over March 2013. The Garden was full of crops and produce you wouldn’t normally find in your backyard or local community garden, and was host to a number of workshops covering topics from beekeeping and sourcing sustainable food to no-dig gardening. The 24 March 2013 saw the last hurrah for the Summer Garden with Harvest Day. Produce from the garden was used by the Veggie Patch Food Van to whip up some tasty meals, OzHarvest was there to share tips on how to cut food waste at home and three-piece bluegrass band Oh Willy Dear busted out some knee-slapping tunes.

To see some images from the City Farm Summer Garden – please click here

Sign up for City Farm Updates

We’ve had a great response from the community following the City Farm Summer Garden. If you’re interested in registering for future City Farm updates and other opportunities that arise in between the permanent City Farm being completed, please fill out your details by following the below link:

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