Gardens and community go together like peas and corn. In fact, you might even find these friendly little veggies growing here. We’re pretty lucky in the City of Sydney because we’ve got nineteen community gardens and three verge footpath gardens scattered throughout our villages.

Of course, the best bit is that all gardens are run by locals – sometimes with a little kick start from a City of Sydney Environment Grant or Matching Grant – and are used for growing herbs, flowers, vegetables, fruit, conserving rare plants and seeds and most importantly, getting together with people in your village.

But that’s not all. Sydney’s community gardens provide the perfect opportunity to creatively use forgotten pockets of public land. They provide practical ways to reuse materials and are a wonderful environment to learn hands-on gardening and grow your own fresh, organic food.

Sound ace? First stop is to check out if there is a community garden near you, check out the locations. Prefer to start your own? Find everything you need to get started. Or if you need a little inspiration, have a read of some of our favourite garden profiles including the latest on the Sydney City Farm.

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