The University Of Sydney Food Co-Op

What if we told you that buying seasonal and organic is easier than you thought? What if this also meant you would be purchasing less packaging and supporting local producers? Look no further than your local food co-op.

Food co-operatives are volunteer-run organisations that provide fresh, locally and often organically grown produce to their members. Co-op proponents argue that co-operatives are an inherently more sustainable form of business because they serve their community members instead of making a profit.

As a co-op member, you get the benefit of buying fruit, veggies and other ingredients in bulk, instead of from plastic packets and jars and tins. And you can hop on your bike or walk if you live close enough.

Check out these inner city co-ops:

*You don’t have to be a uni student or staff member to join

Image credit: University of Sydney Food Co-op

Know any other food co-operatives around the city? Tell us in the comments below!

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