The University Of Sydney Food Co-Op

Reduce your food packaging and support more sustainable forms of agriculture by shopping at a food co-operative. Check out our list of co-ops in inner Sydney and join one near you.

Food co-ops are volunteer-run organisations that provide seasonal, local and often organically-grown produce to their members. They are a more sustainable form of business than massive supermarkets, because they are established to serve their community members instead of making a profit. This means that with each purchase, you’re supporting local farmers and producers and encouraging more sustainable forms of farming and produce distribution. As a co-op member, you also get the benefit of buying fruit, veggies and other ingredients in bulk, instead of from plastic packets and jars and tins.

Check out these inner city co-ops:

*You don’t have to be a uni student or staff member to join

Image credit: University of Sydney Food Co-op

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