Science isn’t just something for scientists. It’s systems in which we engage every single day without even noticing it. When it comes to our natural environment, it is also something we all have a stake in.

Our unique biodiversity is under a lot of pressure from habitat destruction, overexploitation and climate change. This is a challenge to everyone to better understand our ecosystems so we can help protect and live alongside them.

Want to get involved in conservation, but don’t know where to start? Come along to a bioblitz and help capture data on flora and fauna, develop scientific literacy and nurture your love of nature.

A bioblitz is a ‘citizen science’ event that captures as much information as possible in one place using surveys.

While a bioblitz cannot complete biological surveys, it can generate important species lists. They have helped discover new species, rediscover rare species and identify species where in unusual places. These lists form useful records that can help research and inform conservation practice and policy, local planning and land management.

You’ll be spending the day in the city’s most biodiverse park, Sydney Park. We know it has 43 bird species, but we have less information on the smaller creatures that are important for a healthy environment.

Come along to the City’s first bioblitz in Sydney Park on 13–14 April. Check out the full program.

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