While electric cars are yet to truly take off in Australia, hybrids are growing in popularity. This means charging stations will soon be a lot more visible.

McKinsey predicts that of those at the forefront of adopting electric cars, 80% will charge at home, 15% will use employer charging stations and just 5% will recharge in public.

This creates a new challenge for apartment blocks. How many electric vehicles can be recharged simultaneously before building services such as lifts are affected? Should new apartment developments include recharging stations? Should the costs of charging be shared amongst owners? How would a ‘user pays’ system work?

Wattblock received an environmental innovation grant from the City of Sydney to do a feasibility study on electric vehicle recharging and answer these questions.

“To date, apartment dwellers who want to drive electric vehicles have found it difficult to join the transition to a sustainable energy future. We are arming these apartment dwellers with the information they need to get strata committees moving on electric vehicle charging solutions says CEO Director and Founder Brent Clark.”

Twenty apartment buildings in the City of Sydney will have the opportunity to take part in the study. Register your interest with Wattblock.

Improving the environmental performance of apartment buildings is an important goal for our grants program. Apartment buildings within the City of Sydney area are eligible to apply for a grant of up to $10,000 to identify energy and water savings. The next grant round is open from 19 June – 24 July.

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