Furry little creatures like the long-nosed bandicoot once ran amok in central Sydney and surrounds. They hadn’t been seen here for years, but in the past 12 months, there have been two sighted in the City, in Alexandria. There could be more about, and there are simple steps that we can all take to build their clan.

Want to bring nature back into your life? Here are our top four tips to bring new life to the city.

1. Come to a workshop
This Monday 19 March, we’ll show you that putting up a bird box, building a frog pond and bringing small birds and other animals into your place is easy at our free workshop.

2. Get spotting

Let us know if you spot a bandicoot. The tricky bit is that you’re more likely to see its diggings than the bandicoot itself. So keep an eye out for small, cone-shaped holes about 15cm deep and 4cm wide. You’ll know it’s something out of the ordinary when you see it.

3. Go natural
Avoid use of pesticides in your garden. Pull out weeds; don’t spray them with nasty chemicals. We have an organic green-thumb workshop to tell you more about that, too!

4. Build a home

Establish habitat on your balcony or in your backyard, common areas or local school by densely planting a variety of indigenous grasses and shrubs. Add some rocks, timber, a water feature or pond and you’ll have a cosy home for insects, lizards and frogs, too.

We really can make a difference in our own little spaces. Come on; let’s give our future little people an opportunity to interact with viable, living, uniquely Australian plants and animals. Biodiversity: bring new life to your place is at the Surry Hills Library on Monday 19 March, 6-8pm. Bookings essential.

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