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As well as her weekly writings on the world of work for the Sydney Morning Herald, Sue White writes regularly for the ABC’s Environment pages and G Magazine; from staycations to food co-ops; if it’s green, Sue’s explored it in print and at home. With her smartphone app, Sydney On The Green, about to launch on iTunes, Sue has spent the past six months delving into the best of Sydney’s green scene; perfect preparation for her upcoming role as host of our new Green Village talks series, Green Up Your Life.

Why did you decide to write about sustainability as a major part of your work?
As a freelance writer, you gravitate towards writing about your interests. I’ve always wanted to explore how as busy urban dwellers we can live happier, healthier lives. For me, sustainability ties all that together. If we’re good to ourselves, those around us, and the planet, everyone wins.

How has your field changed since you’ve been exploring sustainability issues?
Six years ago when I was writing for the SMH’s eco pages, writing about sustainability was a bit unique. Now, more and more people see green living as a normal way of going about things. It makes sense to me: green choices are often smarter for our bottom line or for our health. Plus, it’s easier than ever to live green.

You’ve been particularly focused on exploring Sydney’s green scene recently. Why?
I’ve been writing a smartphone app, Sydney On The Green, about the hundreds of green things to do in Sydney: restaurants, walks, talks, the best beaches – the lot. It launches on iTunes any day now and has been heaps of fun to put together. There’s so much happening in Sydney’s sustainability scene, and we have such a fabulous natural setting to enjoy it all in – our beaches, harbour and bushland rival any city in the world. Developing the app was basically just a great excuse to enjoy it all!

So what’s your favourite green Sydney pastime?
Our weekend market scene is excellent; I usually head to Marrickville or Surry Hills markets. I try to ocean swim in the summer; in winter I prefer yoga – nothing greener than just you and a yoga mat. For food, I am a long-time fan of Yullis on Crown Street; however, Sydney On the Green research has left me pretty excited about green dining in Sydney overall – it’s improving rapidly.

Is it hard to be green at home, work or play?
I’m a big believer in starting small and in being inspired by others. I’m hoping the Green Up Your Life series will help a few folks get over any hurdles so they can start living greener lives at home, work or play.

What’s the key to a greener life for you?
People! If we get to know each other, and take the time to listen and learn from each other, this journey can be easy and enjoyable.

Meet Sue in her role as facilitator of our upcoming Green Up Your Life series. The first session, Green Up Your Home, is on Monday 16 July.

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