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Australians spend about $50 billion on presents each year and around $700 million of that ends up as landfill. This year, make your own using recycled or sustainable materials instead. Here’s a trio of ideas brought to you with a little help from our friends at Etsy.

1. How to wrap with cloth

We waste a whopping 4,000 tonnes of wrapping paper each year – the equivalent of 25,000 trees chopped for aesthetic pleasure. But you can still create beautiful-looking gifts without the waste (and the sticky tape!) by swapping paper for fabric. Get craftastic with material off-cuts, old scarves, vintage hankies, or snip up old shirts or tees you’ve outgrown. Missed a fold? Try our step-by-step instructions: how to wrap with cloth

2. How to make a macramé pot holder

These ‘70s-inspired gems are hanging all over Sydney, and why knot? Macramé’s  comeback tour shows it stands the test of time, and you can repurpose things you have lying around at home to pull them together. Old nylon or cotton ropes, yarns and cords work a treat; just make sure they’ve got the goods to hold the weight of your plant. Tied up in knots? Try our step-by-step instructions: how to make macramé

3. How to make a terrarium

Like neon, knitting and macramé, terrariums are seriously back. Not only do they make great décor, they’re also pretty ace if you love the idea of having a patch of plants, but don’t have the time, space or green thumb to nurture one. These mini ecosystems are also a neat hands-on way to get the kiddlies started on a mini garden of their own. Plus the best bit is – they’re a recyclers dream! They can transform an old bottle, jam jar, glass teapot or fish bowl into something terrar-ific! Lost in the woods? Try our step-by-step instructions: how to make a terrarium

Download step-by-step instructions

Now you’ve watched the videos, click on the images below for easy step-by-step instructions.

Step-by-step instructions wrap with cloth
Step-by-step instructions macrame
Step-by-step instructions make your own terrarium

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