Plastic bags are one of the biggest contaminants in our recycling system. They are also a growing problem.

Often, valuable recyclable containers are placed in plastic bags before being put in the yellow bin. Plastic bags cause damage to the sorting machines at the recycling facilities and so they go to landfill, often with the recyclable items still inside.

Even if you know what to do, most of us inevitably get stuck with plastic bags when we don’t have a green bag on hand, or when we buy takeaway. Then, there are the other types of soft plastics – biscuit packets, chip bags, plastic sachets and newspaper wrapping – not fit for the yellow bin and definitely not ok in your compost.

What do you do?

Collect your soft, scrunchable plastics, take a trip to your local Coles or Woolworths store and dispose it at a REDcycle bin. Make sure it’s clean, but it doesn’t need to be perfect.

REDcycle will recycle your plastic bags and packaging into outdoor furniture for primary schools. Processed by manufacturer Replas, the end result is robust, water and termite resistant and won’t crack or splinter. You’ll be surprised how much emptier your rubbish bin will be too.

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