By Myriam Pitre

Spring is finally here! This is the best season to get your hands dirty in your garden. The list of veggies you can plant in the garden at this time of the year is huge. Most gardeners find that the biggest challenge spring brings is choosing which veggies to grow in our urban gardens’ limited space. Here are my picks:

If you have a balcony:

  • beans – dwarf/bush/French
  • basil
  • spring onions
  • tomatoes – cherry tomatoes are best for pots
  • capsicum and chilli.


If you have a plot of soil:

  • eggplant
  • potato
  • cucumber
  • climbing beans
  • pumpkin.


About Myriam Pitre

Having grown up in a self-sufficient and sustainable household surrounded by organic gardens, Myriam has always loved healthy, home-grown food. Despite living in a unit in an urban environment, she eats from her garden daily. Myriam runs our Green Villages natural pest management, seed to plate and worm farming and composting workshops.


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