Did you know that the average Aussie bin is made of up to 30% food?

It’s time to say ‘good riddance to food rubbish’. Starting a worm farm is a great way to cut down on the food waste that goes to landfill PLUS you get great soil conditioners for your garden.

Learn how to start a worm farm in four easy steps with our interactive video tutorial – choosing your farm, setting it up, feeding your worms and trouble shooting.

This is the first time we’ve made a Green Villages workshop available as a video. If you’d like to see more Green Villages workshop videos or give us some feedback, please share your thoughts in the feedback box below!

Want to learn more? Keep an eye out for our 2hr face-to-face worm farm and composting workshops. We run them around four times a year. Sign up to Green Village News to keep updated about upcoming workshops.

Technical Adviser and Educational Consultant for this video: Cameron Little, Sustainability Systems & Services

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